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Blaine Apparatus, Dyckerhoff, PC-Controlled

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Blaine Apparatus, Dyckerhoff, PC-Controlled

Supports the following standards: ASTM C204, AASHTO T153, EN 196, DIN 1164, BS 4550

The PC-controlled, electronic Blaine Apparatus, Dyckerhoff system provides a fully automatic test procedure and evaluation, complete with software, for one cell. Once the test material is set inside the chambers, the test procedure is able to measure the values for the user. This device provides quick test preparation, which does not require the operator to determine the weighed quantity, as precise as he would for the standard procedure. After test preparation, the device can perform the test in full automation, recording all information without need of supervision Measuring cell dia. is 41 mm (1.6″). Volume of measuring cell is approximately ca. 75 cm3.Comes complete with apparatus, measuring cell, filter papers ø41mm 500pk, fill oil 150ml, tamper and dust filter ø13mm.
Does not include required PC.

A PC is required for operation, but is not included.
Click here to learn more about cement and mortar principles and testing techniques.

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EN 196

DIN 1164

BS 4550

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