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Sartell Instrumentation Ltd. provides industry leading service and knowledge for your testing equipment needs. Our large fleet of rental equipment can help you get the job done when ownership is not an option. Nuclear gauge rentals in different makes and models provide unprecedented selection. We offer many different time periods to suit your needs.

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Sartell Instrumentation Ltd. offers full repair and calibration services for everything we sell. Some restrictions may apply on similar products which we do not sell. We offer quotes to help determine the best option for you and your company. We specialize in full servicing of Nuclear Gauges, GeoGauges, Air Meters (repairs, calibrations and refurbishments), maturity meters, scales and many of the thousands of products we sell. 

Repair Services

Our skilled technicians provide expert repairs for construction testing equipment, ensuring optimal functionality and extending its lifespan so hat you can get more work done!



Transforming construction testing equipment through meticulous refurbishments, enhancing performance and reliability for continued usage.

Calibration Services

Precise calibration services guarantee accurate readings and reliable performance of construction testing equipment, maintaining industry standards and ensuring quality results.

Refurbishment Results

This is an actual before and after photo of our refurbishment service. This is a typical result which will leave you amazed time and time again.

Please contact us for our turnover time as it varies from season to season.

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