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Asphalt Solvent Recycler

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Asphalt Solvent Recycler

This unit has been designed to recycle the solvents used in asphalt extraction tests. It successfully extracts pure solvent from the oil and wastes generated from the extraction process and generates clean solvent ready for reuse in a new test. The unit reduces the need for new solvent and eliminates problems with solvent disposal.



  • Microprocessor controlled with easy-to-read LCD display and TouchView PLC
  • Custom programming for unique solvent requirements using Waste Solvent Mixture Wizard technology
  • Designed and built for multiple shift operations


  • Multiple safety controls with end-of-cycle shutoff
  • Automatic mixture ignition and bag operating limits
  • RTD probes monitor thermal oil and condenser temperatures
  • Oil is self-contained


  • Quiet operation
  • Mobile; mounted on locking wheels for easy relocation with stabilizer bar for added support
  • Bag-lined tank allows easy removal of solid contaminants


  • Simple distillation
Capacity: 7 gallons / 26 Liters
Voltage: 120V 60Hz or 240V 60Hz
Dimensions: 22.25”Wx39”Lx44”H (57cmWx99cmHx112cmD)
Distillation Rate: 0.75-1.25 GPH
Recovery Yields: 85-98%
Max. Operating Temperaturer: 206°C
Min. Operating Temperature w/ Tank Liner: 206°C (Bag Op. Temp. Restricted)
Average Volumetric Distillation Rate: 0.75-1.25 GPH*
Estimated Cycle Times: 5.5-9.0 Hours

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