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Asphalt Permeameter

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Asphalt Permeameter

These asphalt permeameters are compact, self-contained, easy-to-use units, which can be used in the lab or in the field. They are used to test the permeability of a compacted asphalt paving mixture by using the falling head method to determine hydraulic conductivity of saturated 4″ or 6″ samples. To use, place the specimen inside the metal cylinder, where it is held in place by a latex membrane. The unit is then pressurized by the built in hand pump. The expanding membrane pushes against the outer edge of the sample, filling in voids and preventing flow down the side of the core. The sample is then saturated from the bottom, and 500cc of water is allowed to flow through the sample while being timed. Both permeameters include a 500cc manometer with 15 ft of 0.25″ OD water line, built-in hand pump and a pressure gauge.

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HM-9110 HM-9111 0414 (Product Manual PDF)