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Zircon MT 7 Rebar Locator

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Zircon MT 7 Rebar Locator

Supports the following standards: ACI 318, BS 1881 PART 204

MetalliScanner® MT 7 metal detector quickly and easily locates rebar, pipes, and other metal before you saw or drill. The bright, backlit display indicates metal target depth (inches and centimeters) up to 6 in. deep, type of metal located (ferrous or non-ferrous), and whether you are moving towards or away from a target. Use to find and avoid rebar in concrete before drilling, to find pipes and junction boxes behind tile, and even detect the nails/tacks in studs behind lath and plaster walls. This powerful tool saves time and money by eliminating guesswork, rework, needless holes, and costly broken drill bits or saw blades. Recommended uses include locating and reinforcing rebar in masonry and measuring subsurface nail spacing in roofing material for compliance with building codes.

  • Features two scanning modes: Standard mode and DeepScan mode
  • Locates and determines the depth of 1/2″ rebar and 1/2″ copper pipe up to 6″. (15cm) deep
  • Finds and differentiates ferrous and non-ferrous metal
  • Position accuracy to within ± 1/2″ (13mm) for #4 rebar or 1/2″ copper pipe
  • Backlit display and audio tone clearly indicate location of target
  • Pivoting handle attachment for extended and overhead reach can be used with standard threaded broom handle, etc.
  • Rubberized handle and built-in lanyard loop
  • Includes 9V battery and protective carrying case.

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ACI 318

BS 1881 PART 204