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Super Air Meter

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Super Air Meter

Supports the following standards: ASTM C231, AASHTO T152

The H-2784 Super Air Meter (SAM) is a testing device that measures both the air void spacing and air volume of plastic (fresh) concrete in about 10 minutes. Air void spacing has been shown to be a better indicator of concrete freeze-thaw durability than total air content; however, until now, it has been challenging to measure in fresh concrete. By being able to measure the actual air-void spacing in fresh concrete, the meter helps users better understand the freeze-thaw durability of their concrete before it is placed.

The meter can function in two ways. First, it provides all the same information as a Type B meter, under the same analytical conditions as a conventional pressure meter. After completing the conventional testing the meter is then able to move into a second mode of operation that places the concrete under a series of higher pressures. By understanding how the concrete responds to the series of high pressures the meter can assess properties of the air-void system beyond the air content.

The H-2784 includes one Super Air Meter testing device, and all accessories required to calibrate the meter and perform the type B or SAM tests. This includes a calibrator; a mallet; safety glasses; strike-off board; a tamping rod; filling bulb and a durable, protective case.

For more information about Humboldt Super Air Meters, click here.

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H-2784 Super Air Meter DS (Data Sheet PDF)




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