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Pundit Ultrasonic Pulse Echo, PD8050

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Pundit Ultrasonic Pulse Echo, PD8050

Supports the following standards: ACI 228.2R-13

The Pundit Ultrasonic Pulse Echo, PD8050, is the wireless inspection solution with multi-channel ultrasonic pulse echo technology, brings on-site structural concrete assessment and imaging to the next level when it comes to pragmatism and productivity.

Pundit PD8050 is powered by intelligent software for real-time visualization providing unmatched precision, sharpness, focus and image stability for the longest scans and at unheard-of before penetration depths. The AI.-powered data analysis makes it easy to identify features and flaws, interpret them, and communicate the value of your inspection work to your customer.

The rugged and robust housing makes Pundit PD8050 perfect for the demands of a harsh construction environment. The ergonomic design of the probe and its controls enhance your productivity: they are placed directly on the handles, making seamless and convenient operation possible under any conditions.

AI-assisted positioning and automated image stitching drastically improve the quality of your insights, while accelerating your overall inspection process. PD8050 probe wirelessly connects to the Pundit Live Array app for iPad providing unmatched concrete imaging thanks to crisp, high-resolution touchscreen. The gesture driven and user-friendly app is rich with intelligent features and sophisticated algorithms and together with superb mobile processing power enable on-site analysis and immediate visualization on-site including the true 3D view together with Augmented Reality, with the highest precision, focus and clarity. AI-assisted data analysis and material identification algorithms allow to identify and interpret inspection results precisely and reliably.

Finally achieve clarity of your data thanks to voice, image and text annotations that enrich the built-in Logbook of each measurement. Thanks to the cloud services make sharing data and collaborating with your colleagues instantaneously possible from anywhere, anytime.

Bandwidth: 20 – 80 kHZ
Technology: Multi-Channel Ultrasonic Pulse Echo
Measuring Resolution: 0.1 µs
Pulse Voltage: +/- 50 to +/- 150 V (UPE)
Receiver Gain: 1 to 10,000 (0 to 80 dB)
Measuring Modes: Line Scan, Stripe Scan, Grid Scan
Measuring Range: Up to 6.6ft. (2m) depending on concrete quality
Battery: Battery pack, 6x AA (NiMH) Flight safe

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ACI 228.2R-13