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J-Ring Test Set

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J-Ring Test Set

Supports the following standards: ASTM C1621

The J-ring test can be used to determine the passing ability of self-consolidating concrete. It is applicable for laboratory use in testing different concrete mixtures for passing ability or can be used in the field as a quality control test. It is typical to also perform a slump flow test with the J-ring test. This test is similar to the J-ring except the J-ring is not used. The difference between the results of the two tests provides an indicator of the passing ability of the concrete.

Designed for durability, Humboldt’s J-ring set includes a slump cone, J-ring with smooth or rebar rods and steel base plate with engraved positioning rings.

Individual J-Ring Components

Description Part No.
J-Ring with Smooth Rods H-3654
J-Ring with Rebar Rods H-3654R
Base Plate, Engraved, Stainless H-3653
Slump Cone H-3640

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ASTM C1621