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Flexural Testing Machine, 230V 50/60Hz, 3ph

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Flexural Testing Machine, 230V 50/60Hz, 3ph

Supports the following standards: ASTM C496, ASTM C1550, ASTM C1609, EN 14651 CMOD, EN 14488-3, EN 14488-5

This 300kN (67443lbs.) Flexural Testing Machine is designed for the determination of the post-crack properties of steel fiber and fiber-reinforced concrete, concrete beams and shotcrete according to EN 7500-1 and EN 12390-4 in a very wide measuring range class 1.

  • Suitable for high-precision force/displacement and deformation controlled test procedures
  • Automatic switching between the control modes in one test procedure
  • Extremely solid and stiff 4-column frame with a maximal frame deformation of 2.8 MN/mm
  • The upper bending roll is variable adjustable from 3- to 4-point bending
  • Compression platens are adaptable
  • Double acting test cylinder in servo-slide quality with integrated displacement measurement

In the basic configuration, the framework is designed for force-, position- and strain-controlled tests, whereby the force value is determined via a strain gauge load cell (class 0.5).
A position measuring system is installed in the cylinder by default.
The massive steel frame is extremely stiff, the columns are tensioned without any play. A double-acting bending test cylinder with long piston stroke in servo-slide quality is mounted on the upper crossbeam. An anti-rotation lock prevents the twisting of the piston rod with the upper bending edge. The upper bending edge can easily convert from 3-Point to 4-point bending. Additional accessories like curb stamp, machine platens etc. can be adapted. The bending edges and beams for 3-point-bending and 4-point-bending are included.

Hydraulic System
The powerful hydraulic unit with 40L oil tank includes all necessary safety, control and directional valves according to DIN 4413. It generates a maximum system pressure of 350 bar and a volume flow of 1.2L / min. A fine 3µm pressure filter filters the hydraulic oil and protects system components. The hydraulic unit is inside the control cabinet producing very low noise levels (<66 dB). A high-quality servo valve for pressure or volume flow control enables the most precise force and stroke control (closed-loop control). An additional low-pressure pump for the oil-air cooler (for long test scenarios) provides 20 bar 6.2 L / min volume flow and fast lift function.

Measuring and Control Electronics
Machine uses a digital Doli EDCi20 controller. This is installed in the control cabinet and can optionally be operated with a remote control. The control electronics provide automatic testing with given loading speeds for force, displacement and strain-controlled tests with sensitive and adjustable break detection. Communication to the PC: Ethernet socket / USB 2.0 configuration. Remote configuration and remote maintenance via TeamViewer function (PC required).



Capacity 67,443 lbs. (300kN)
Force Measuring Range 675 – 67443 lbs. (3 – 300kN) Class 1
Stroke 3.93″ (250mm)
Column Spacing, Front 37.8″ (960mm)
Column Spacing, Side 24.0″ (610mm))
Bending Roll Dims 1.18″ x 20.08″ (ø30 x 510mm)
Distance, Upper Rolls 2.95 – 13.39″ (75 –340mm)
Distance, Lower Rolls 3.15 – 40.16″ (80 –1020mm)
Flex Machine (L x W x H) 47.3 x 33.5 x 96.5″ (1200 x 850 x 2450mm)
Control Cabinet 47.25 x 22.45 x 41″ (1200 x 570 x 1040mm

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ASTM C1550

ASTM C1609

EN 14651 CMOD

EN 14488-3

EN 14488-5