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FlexPanel Pressure Control Systems

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FlexPanel Pressure Control Systems

Humboldt’s FlexPanel pressure control option eliminates the use of the air/water bladder interface concept of pressure control in lieu of its highly-accurate burette system. Humboldt FlexPanels provide an accurate and easy-to-operate solution for controlling compressed air, water, de-aired water and vacuum without the need for air/water bladder interfaces to produce the pressures necessary for triaxial testing.
FlexPanels utilize a set of three burettes to control cell, top cap and base pedestal pressures.

This extremely versatile pressure system controls the pressure, water, de-airing tank and vacuum from a single panel. The three burettes allow for the control of the cell pressure and the back pressure for each cell. They can monitor volume change in the sample and can be used to measure the flow of water through the sample for permeability testing. This is a benefit to using FlexPanels over the air/water bladder system.

Like our other control systems you can run UU, CU and CD triaxial tests with FlexPanels. They are available in one or three-cell configurations and can be used in multiple configurations. All you need to do is add cells and the other appropriate equipment to handle your needs. Humboldt’s FlexPanel pressure control system also uses our NEXT software and our enhanced test-specific modules, which monitors, controls and reports test data, and, the highly-regarded HM-5030 load frame with its built-in, 4-channel data acquisition controller for stress, strain, pore water pressure and volume change measurement. The system can also be configured for use with our triaxial-specific load frame, the HM-5020

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HM-4150-40-60-manual (Product Manual PDF)