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Continuous-Load Concrete Beam Tester for 4″ x 14″ Beams

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Continuous-Load Concrete Beam Tester for 4″ x 14″ Beams

Supports the following standards: ASTM C293

The Humboldt H-3031CL Portable, Continuous- Load, Concrete Beam Breaker is a great quality control tool for contractors, DOTs and consultants for quickly and accurately determining flexural strengths of concrete using 4″ x 4″ x 14″ test beams. The H-3031CL incorporates a continuous, screw jack to provide a continuous application of force against the test beam. By providing a continuous force, these beam breakers comply with the ASTM C293 standard and can be used as an accurate quality control tool to determine whether curing concrete has met a specified flexural strength. In this type of application, a known flexural strength value is deter-mined and is used as a go/no-go test parameter.

The H-3031CL beam breaker is constructed of lightweight aluminum, making it extremely portable for use at even the most remote of jobsites. Self-contained, portable concrete beam tester, which accurately and easily determines flexural strengths of 4″ x 4″ x 14″ test beams, which are place on rollers that are 12″ apart. The hydraulically driven unit uses a center-point loading method that provides continuous readings to the break point and retains the maximum reading to eliminate losing the break-point data. The gauge will then reset to zero for repeat tests. The lightweight aluminum unit features a 8,000 lbf. x 100lbf. The unit is calibrated by measuring the load applied on a calibrated load cell. The factory calibration is supplied at gauge readings of 10% FS, FS and 3 readings in between. Three load cell readings are averaged at each point to establish the correction for each point.

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H-3031CL-datasheet (Data Sheet PDF)