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Concrete Maturity Sensor System, Humboldt

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Concrete Maturity Sensor System, Humboldt

Supports the following standards: ASTM C1074

Humboldt’s New Maturity Sensor System provides an innovative way to monitor concrete strength using the maturity testing method. CMOTS provides a wireless, accurate, durable and reusable method for charting concrete temperatures, maturity and strengths, which allows constant monitoring from any device (computer, phone or tablet) with an Internet connection.

CMOTS is ideal for monitoring maturity in massive concrete pours, walls, suspended slabs and pavements, as well as for footings, cylinders and beams for monitoring compliance with curing requirements.

The Humboldt Maturity System provides a wireless solution to collecting data avoiding loss of data due to cable damage during construction activities. Temperature and compressive strengths can be accessed from anywhere without visiting the construction site. And, the system is very cost effective when compared to other semi-wireless systems.

The system is comprised of three key components— a transmitter, sensor and receiver. The sensor is connected to the transmitter with a waterproof connection via a 20ft. (6m cable). The sensor is then embedded at a desired location within a concrete pour. The attached transmitter is then placed alongside the pour and can be secured, if desired. The wireless receiver is then located within 1000 ft (300m) of the furthest installed transmitter/sensor.

When the sensors are installed, they are activated by registering them with your website account using a sensor-specific ID number. Once this step is completed, the transmitters for each sensor will begin to receive data from the sensor and transmit that data to the receiver. The receiver then relays this information to your account on the web-based cloud platform. This information/data is available to you in real time, 24/7, 365 days a year by simply logging into your account, using your user name and password.
Raw data received by your sensors is transformed by the web-based platform into compressive strength, using the specific maturity curve developed for that specific concrete mix design.

Because the maturity sensor system is wireless, there is no limit to the number of sensors that can be used or the number of pours done at one time. Since the transmitter component of this system is reusable, battery life is 3 years from the activation date, it can be reused by purchasing replacement sensors for subsequent uses, which can be connected to the existing transmitters via the waterproof connector. Sensors are available with 20ft (6m) cables, but extension cables are also available in similar lengths for extended sensor placement.

The Maturity Sensor System comes as a kit, which includes (1) Receiver, (5) Transmitters, (5) Sensors with 20ft (6m) cables and a website platform account. Voltage: 120/220V 50/60Hz.

For more information about Humboldt’s web-based, Wireless Maturity System, click here.

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H-2683-MaturitySystem-DS-0119 (Data Sheet PDF)

H-2683-Manual-0119 (Product Manual PDF)


ASTM C1074